Terry Moore Playboy #2


Here is an 8″ x 10″ color photograph that was in Playboy Magazine in 1984, hand signed by Terry Moore.


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Here is an 8″ x 10″ color photograph that was in Playboy Magazine in 1984, hand signed by Terry Moore.

17 reviews for Terry Moore Playboy #2

  1. Anastasia Ellis

    Just saw a movie on TCM where you starred with a squirrel named Rupert. I was struck by your beauty and charm. I live for old black and white movies and I will now keep you as apart of my memories of the good old days and apparently the good new days!

    Hugs, Anastasia

  2. Bill Stelter


    My family lived in Glendale in the 30’s and 40’s. My aunt was Lizzie Schussler. She seemed to be a family friend of your parents. I believe I have a picture of them visiting together.

    Does the name ring a bell? How did they meet?

    Any help you could give would be appreciated.
    Bill S

  3. Darrell Green

    Dear Terry (Helen)

    I was going through some old treasures and came across a couple of old additions of the “EXPLOSION” October 18, 1946.

    Ring any bells? The Glendale High School paper listed you as a reporter. Reading it stirred a few cobbwebs. So – I looked up the old school on the internet. They listed some notables that attended Glendale but somehow they missed you.

    I packed up the old papers and will send them back to the school strongly suggesting that they include you in that list along with John Wayne and others.

    This old DYNAMITER has lost his bang….so I will fizzle out.

    Them were the days………Darrell

  4. Douglas C. Buckelew

    You, Bob Wagner and Gilbert Roland went fishing with us when you were making the movie “Beneath the Twelve Mile Reef” in Key West, Florida in 1953. I went on location with you and the crew when they filmed the scene-burning the boat. If fact, you sat on my lap in the car on the way to the location. I was with you and Philippe Halsman when he took the Life Magazine cover of you in 1953. He also took a picture of the two of us on the beach. I went to dinner at the hotel several times with you and Bob Wagner. It brings back a lot of good memories. I have a number of photographs of the fishing trips you took with us

  5. Mikayel

    Hello Terry. I’m 25 years old, from Armenia(hope you know where is it). I’ve just watched The Aviator and find out that Howard Hughes and You… I mean it’s great to live a life like yours. So I wish you something even better that you dream…

  6. bob mann

    to terry moore

    i trust you are well


  7. Desert Smurff

    Hey Terry,

    Just wanted you to know that there are people searching for DNA from Howard Hughes, if you have anything that might have some left on it, they would probably appreciate it.

    You don’t even have to send it in, just have it tested and compared to the DNA on the website and if it is a positive, then email them!

    Here’s the blog that is searching.

  8. Thomas on Sept 24 2010

    Hi Terry,

    I’ve just purchased several photos of you from Ebay and wondered if you still autograph stills of you for your fans? I have been a fan since I saw you with Mickey Rooney, what a pair of legs you had as a young women. If you still sign the photos, please send me the qddress where to mail them, will pay for all s/h for their return

  9. Butchie Leal


    I saw your photo shoot in Playboy many years ago, and you’re the reason I always liked women older than myself. You really are one of the, if not the, most beautiful women in the world, and I’ve worked on still photo shoots with top models hired by Revlon, Maybelline and a host of other high profile companies that use women to sell their goods. In short, you’re hot! 🙂

  10. Michael McVerry

    Hello, Ms. Moore: my name is Michael McVerry and you may not remember me but I worked on your show, Terry’s World while we were interviewing the many film stars from Glenn Ford to Burt Reynolds to Jack Klugman to Ms. Derek to John Travolta, Bob Hope and others.

    I am merely writing to wish you and Grant and Jerry the Best. It’s a time I always remember, and enjoyed your Spirit, Professionalism, Charm and Kindness.

    I Hope You all are Well.
    Thank You, Ma’am,

  11. Jerry Smith

    Hope and pray you are enjoying your golden years. We’re all hopeful of being there some day. Appreciate outer and inner beauty. Age seems to scare so many people. Great memories and the experiences of live that only come from doing something are priceless.
    I’ve enjoyed your contribution to the MP Industry and your natural style for many years.
    God Bless you and yours.

  12. Mark Oldham

    Hi, Having been a movie fan of yours for many years, I found that your pictures in Playboy were, without a doubt, the best pictures of a 55 year old I have ever seen or will ever see again. Your beauty can only be compared to Elizabeth Taylor. I would love to get an autographed picture of you. You are still one of favorite actresses I enjoy watching the old movies of on TV. Thanks for the memories of only a few years gone past. Sincerely, Mark Oldham 1 Haven for Hope Way, San Antonio,TX 78207.

  13. Steve Archer

    Dear Terry, you discovered my brother and I in Palmdale, Ca. in 1970. We auditioned at your home and met Dyan Cannon and Glenn Ford! We went on to become a family group “The Archers” and won a Grammy Award in 1981! We performed on the show as well! Thanks for being an encouraging part of our early years! We send you our love and prayers.
    Steve Archer


    Hi Ms Moore..I met you in NYC at the passport bureau when you
    came back from entertaining the troops in about 1955..You took
    me to the hotel Algonquin on 44th st. where I called my boss and
    told him I was with ”terry moore”..He said ”Jack get out of that bar
    and come back to work” I had lent you $10.00 for you to get your
    passport at rockerfeller center..I will never forget meeting you,and
    how breathtaking you were,and most likely still are.I would like to
    have an autographed picture of you,saying..”yes Jack it is true”..
    I became a NJ policeman and in 1970’s was ”bodyguard for a day”
    for Joan Rivers and Sophia Loren..But YOU put them to shame.
    I wish you many years of good Health and happiness..

  15. JIM RICK


  16. bob taglieri


    November 12, 2011, a day the will live among the special days of my life. Meeting you for the first time today after a lifetime of being in love with you . leaves nothing more to say. Your wonderful picture is already up on my wall and I look forward to starting your book tomorrow. You made my millinium.

    Still beautiful and warm. You are living proof….that there is a God!!!

    Bob Taglieri Bergenfield, new jersey 07621

    PS Thanks for autographing the picture and book

  17. robert dodger

    Just wanted to say Miss Moore was and is one of the most talented and beautiful stars of American cinema.I wish her a very happy (and upcoming) Christmas and birthday and hope she remains health and happy. Terry Mooere is a national treasure.

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