Autographed Photo of Terry in Playboy


Here is an 8″ x 10″ color photograph that was in Playboy Magazine in 1984, hand signed by Terry Moore.


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Here is an 8″ x 10″ color photograph that was in Playboy Magazine in 1984, hand signed by Terry Moore.

14 reviews for Autographed Photo of Terry in Playboy

  1. Dorcie Mitchell Lacy


    I attended Luther Burbank Jr. High and Franklin high school. My drama teacher was friends with your mother and you.

    I remember the late 1948 through 1953 stories that I heard
    I was born in 1935 and was just remembering and reading
    about these memories ,,,,,

    Good success !!


  2. Bob OBrien

    Hi Terry,
    Im still alive and would love to hear from you to catch up

  3. Johnny Franco

    Hello, Terry. I am sort of shy so I hope that this email will reach you. I have recently been abducted by aliens because of my resemblence to Pee Wee Herman. It seems that on their planet he is considered a god. After being returned to earth I decided to get a job setting up pins in a bowling alley. Aside from the stray pin hitting my head, I feel pretty good and have been working up the courage tp ask you out. I need a date for my senior prom and I have saved up enough money to buy you a corsage and treat you to dinner. If you accept I will arrange to pick you up on my new blue bike (it has an oversized basket I can put you in) and we will go to In and Out burger. I know the guys that cut the fries and I will make sure you get a supersize portion. I will always be a perfect gentleman and only hold your hand throughout our cool date. I am also selecting the candy to woo you with. Do you like jawbreakers or black licorice? I am holding my breath until you answer and I know that taking you to the prom will be the highlight of my 16 years in high school.

  4. Tom Lankford

    I’ve been a musician for most of my life and have been trying to slow the pace down a bit (if my manager would get off my back). I ran across a picture of you and it reminded me of what a class act you are. Rock on Darlin’…I’ve decided I will. Tom

  5. Ron Van Sweringen

    Summer stock, Ivoryton Conn. 1954 Star lite – Star brite You had a bad case of poison ivy. How well I remember the momentary view. A bad play but a wonderful time.

  6. Henry Mint

    Hi Terry,

    That playboy issue of you i still keep you look great and you proved your point a women as fabulous as you at 50 can still show her stuff and look great i love women at that age group since i am now in my 50’s now but i think you look better when those pictures came out then many women half your age.

  7. Gus Hernandez Jr.

    Hi Terry,
    After seeing you in “Mighty Joe Young” , I was hooked. You were a breath of fresh air in the Hollywood smog. When I saw you in the
    Playboy spread, it cast you in another dimension and you then overtook the ones like Liz Taylor, Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe and showed all movieland that you had reached another plateau and weren’t ready for the pasture yet.
    I will always think of you as a very beautiful, yet fresh and wholesome girl who did well in Hollywood.


  8. Jim

    Terry I am 74 years old and been in love with you for 58 years. Saw you in The Great Rupert last night on PBS and my heart started beating 100 mph again. I taped the movie and watched it 3 times last night and probably will miss the NFL game today watching you again.

  9. L.E. Smith

    Ms. Moore:
    I must say that you have set standards for women celebrities over the years. Those pictures of you going back to 1949 and ’50 during your Mighty Joe Young Days were really nicely done. You were beautiful and charming then, and, even, in 1984 when you did the Playboy pictorial, you were still beautiful. It is an honor to write you. May God bless you with good health and a strong mind.

  10. Jonathan Hayden

    HIi Terry.It was mighty Joe Young when I was first captivated by you.I saw,in you,the beauty of hollywood.I am 54 and would so be honored to have dinner with you.P.S. leave Joe at home.John.

  11. Jonathan Hayden

    Dear Terry,I mean no disrespect.I am so honored to be able to address you.I hate technology.Bring back the golden years.Your servant John.

  12. Cathy L. Dean-Michaels

    Hi Terry,
    I met you in 1971. You may remember the script, Rebels on Wheels, that I wrote about my ex-husband, Phil Smith. I remember you were beautiful and I was honored to meet you.
    Best wishes.

  13. Michael Alan Rigmaiden

    Happy Birthday Terry!! I just saw you in an episode of RAWHIDE. I was truly impressed with your beauty. i’m only sorry that i’m just discovering you. Better late then never. i’m 60 years old. God bless you! always, Mike

  14. Jeri Knabe

    Hi Ms. Moore,

    I just finished wayching Peyton Place and listening to the commentaries. Great movie.

    Best regards,
    Jeri Knabe

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